Boy Hits Car

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Boy Hits Car, an American rock band from L.A., California, has been around since 1993. I don’t know how I just recently found out about them! Learn about them here:

Albums: My Animal (1998), Boy Hits Car (2001), The Passage (2005), Stealing Fire (2011), and All That Led Us Here (2014).

Labels: NMG Records, Wind-up Records, and Rock Ridge Music.

Genre: Alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock

Here’s our interview:

Q: Tell us about the band’s members.

A: Craig (or CRegg as known by fans/friends alike), is the only remaining original member. The current line up consists of Bill Gower(bass), Mike Bartak (electric guitar), and Erik Peterson on drums/percussion; all of which were fans of BHC before joining…

Q: What bands/singers do you admire?

A: Whoa, that’d be a rather long list; a few that come to mind are Freddy Mercury, Janes Addiction, Prince, Helmet, John Denver, The Refused, Annie Lennox, Primus, James Brown, Ravi Shankar/ Anoushka Shankar, Led Zepplin, Bad Religion & most ol skool punk bands, The Who, Quicksand (the list could goes on;)…

Q: What do you think are good things to sing about?

A: Whatever comes natural and from the heart, for as long as it’s real, meaningful, authentic, and comes from the essence of ones spirit, the words/ message will most likely resonate with others…

Q: Why do you want to sing about these things?

A: Because of the need to express truth & honesty, and to release what’s inside…

Q: What image do you want your music to convey?

A: A soundscape of Love, Fury, Passion, & Energy…

Q: What are your career goals in the next 1 to 3 years?

A:  In a sentence, spread the LoveCore globally while building our fan base, or as we like to call these beautiful people- The Worldwide LoveCore Alliance…

Q: If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the hardest thing your band has been through? It’s okay if you’d rather not say.

A: Well, as we approach the 25th anniversary of existence, there’s certainly been some glorious highs amidst the predominant lows; suppose it all boils down to ones perspective tho… In a nutshell there’s been much heartbreak, but perhaps some bands suffer more for their art…

Q: How did you guys meet?

A: The OG line up were childhood friends, and the current line up were fans of the original line up, and are now naturally friends;)

Q: What do you think about your fanbase?

A: We have the utmost love & respect for our fellow LoveCore Alliance members, for our base isn’t extensive, but those who get it REALLY get it…

Q: When things go downhill, such as your music, friendships, etc., how do you handle that?

A: Write more music…

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with?

A: Perry Farrel, Neil Young, Anoushka Shankar…

Q: As an artist, how would you define success?

A: Creating something through love, fury, passion & energy that’s unique, and in turn inspires others…

That’s it! Enjoy their music!




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