Old State

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Recently, I have had the honor of interviewing this amazing band, Old State.

Albums: Leaving Home

Released: October 28, 2014

Label: Waybridge Records

Genre: Emo/post punk

Here’s our interview:

Q:What gives you inspiration to write songs?

A:Life mostly. Whenever things happen it’s important to write them down. What happened, how you feel. Stuff like that.

Q:In your opinion, what makes good lyrics?

A: I personally enjoy lyrics that are well written and use good imagery to paint a picture of some type of emotion or feeling.

Q:What things have influenced your music?

A:The biggest influence on my music have been the events of my day to day life and my relationships with my friends and family. That and hearing other rad bands.

Q:How do you come up with the instrumentals?

A:Instrumentation is a weird thing. Whenever I hear something in a song I like it’ll cause me to think “well what if they used this chord or this pattern, or this key” and I keep going until I have my own unique idea. I feel like every musician has their own favorite progressions, shapes, and leads they tend to flock to.

Q:In your opinion, what are the most important instrumentals?

A:For me when writing the most important is the instrument that’s laying the structure. Depending on the song or section it could be any instrument but typically we build around 1 part

Q:What bands have influenced your music most?

A:For myself the biggest influences I’ve had with Old State are Title Fight, Turnover, Slowdive, Basement, Seahaven, Ivy League, and Balance and Composure

Q:What is your process when coming up with lyrics?

A:Most of my lyrics are written on walks or in the bathroom. I’m a nostalgic person so when important in a certain area or around certain people, it brings up different emotions.

Q:How do you handle being nervous before a performance (if you are nervous)?

A: I’ve been playing in front of people for almost 9 years now so nerves aren’t much of a thing anymore.

Q:What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

A:Play in front of your friends. Have a ton of friends over, set up all your gear, and throw a house show!

Q:Do you do any warm ups that help your musical abilities? If so, what are they?

A:Typically you don’t have time to warm up at shows, so what I do is i won’t write anything I can’t play when I’m at my worst so I always know I can perform perfectly.

Q:Why do you want to continue playing in your band?

A:Music is the best for of expression. Not really too good at much else!

Q:As an artist, how would you define “success”?

A:Success is completely subjective. I already feel successful because even though I work a day job, I get to write and perform music regularly with my friends.

Q:When things go downhill, such as your music, friendships, etc., how do you deal with that?

A:The best thing is to identify the problem and fix it quickly.

Q:In your opinion, what are great things to sing about?

A:Write about how you feel. Be honest. Those are the best songs.

Q:Why do you want to, or feel like, you need to sing about these things?

A:I feel it’s important to get what you have to say out there.

Q:What are some ways to stay motivated in writing music?

A:Writers block sucks. Best thing for me is to just find a drummer and jam between the 2 of us.

There it is! I really suggest that you listen to this band. I think they are awesome. Contact them at: facebook.com/oldstatemo


Instagram – oldstatemo


Requests? Comments? Contact me at alliyahmariep12@gmail.com


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